About Rapidgoc Packaging & Installation in Malaysia

Rapid Engineering & Construction was registered on 5th July 1983. The company has since experience a steady growth during all this years.

On 16th May, 1992 the company name was change to Rapid M & E Works Sdn. Bhd and Rapid Packing Sdn. Bhd were also incoporated. These two companies are currently providing a wide range of services to various industrials all over Malaysia.

During 1999, our company has gone through expeditious change in various fields such as information technology, human resource training and technology upgrading. Such changes are necessary, so that we can be better prepared for the challenges of the next millennium.

On behalf of the Management, I wish to thank all our staff for their commitment and relentless effort in striving towards excellence and continuing support . We look forward to better understanding and co-operation between the management and staff and our valuable customers in the future.

Our Subsidiaries Company:

Rapid M&E Works Sdn Bhd

Rapid M&E Works Sdn Bhd are mainly involved in the installation of all types of production machinery, equipment, etc. It involves industrial plants, industrial fabrication works and turnkey projects management services. Our scope of work includes stuffing, loading and relocation of heavy machinery. The company also involves shifting works, positioning, dismantling, installation works, unstuffing, unloading, unpacking, removal works, fabrication works, etc.

Besides the installation and moving works, Rapid M&E Works Sdn Bhd also provides equipment or transportation support such as forklift, low-loader, trailer, lorry, truck with crane and crane services for the needs of the job.

Rapid Packing Sdn Bhd

Rapid Packing Sdn Bhd does the packing of all types of production machinery, equipment, industrial plants, healthcare machinery etc. including all types of packing inclusive of normal and vacuum packing methods. Packing types include vacuum and normal pack.  These vacuum packs are well suited for cargo sends by sea whereas the normal pack is more suited for domestic delivery or air cargo.
The continual investment in vertically integrated facility, coupled with solid lean manufacturing principles, gives the company a competitive production advantage. Rapid Packing Sdn Bhd maintains stocks of many standard packaging machines at competitive prices for quick delivery. With one of the broadest lines of packaging equipment in the industry, it can provide multiple solutions to your packaging challenges and ensure clients find the best fit possible.

Indah workforce Sdn Bhd

Train, develop and supply skillful workers according to the needs and requirements of clients.

Excellence in Experience

It is this experience and expertise that allows us to confidently tackle almost any type of machine installation project from single production machines to city wide mechanical infrastructure.

A key part of our service is listening and working in partnership with our clients to ensure not only a successful installation of the machinery, but also a delivery that’s on time and on budget. Over the years we have demonstrated our success in a wide variety of industries, from automotive plants and manufacturing environments to infrastructure installations across various industries.

Our team of people are always keen to share their knowledge and experience with our clients. As a result they can often identify the best way to deliver your installation project, as well as manage any issues at an early stage of the project.

Our Professional Certificate

Rapid Packing Sdn Bhd

ISO 9001:2008

Quality management systems

M&E Works Sdn Bhd

ISO 9001:2008

Quality management systems

M&E Works Sdn Bhd

Bureau Veritas

 is a world leader in Testing,
Inspection and Certification services

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